Note to Self: Your ‘Comfort Zone’ Is Looking Entirely Too Comfortable


“Years ago, when I first mentally mapped out what it would mean to free solo Freerider, there were half a dozen of pitches where I was like, ‘Oh that’s a scary move and that’s a really scary sequence, and that little slab, and that traverse.’ There were so many little sections where I thought ‘Ughh—cringe.’ But in the years since, I’ve pushed my comfort zone and made it bigger and bigger until these objectives that seemed totally crazy eventually fell within the realm of the possible.”

Unlike Alex Honnold, most of us are probably never going to ascend a 3,000-foot wall of rock without even a safety rope to catch us if we fall, but there still may be general lessons here that anyone can learn from – in the way Honnold polished his technical skills over time, how he expanded his overall “comfort zone” till it was bigger than the obstacles he wanted to overcome, and how he learned to quiet his own fear at those times when fear isn’t particularly helpful – like halfway up a mountainside.

He’s definitely an outlier, but, at the same time, it makes me wonder where I’m holding back in my own life, keeping my “comfort zone” comfortably small when it could – just maybe – stretch all the way to the far horizon.

Or at least to the top of yonder hill.


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