Impressions of Manchester and the Songs of the Street, or, ‘Keep Calm and Busk On’

The news out of Manchester really got to me. Having dealt with loss in my personal life of late, I suppose I’m especially raw right now, but, upon reading the news yesterday morning, I found my eyes watering up and my heart breaking. Is this the world we’re making, the world we’re fighting for day in and day out? It’s all such madness sometimes, such inscrutable and unbelievable madness.

I guess that targeting civilians – and, in particular, the innocent and vulnerable – is the hallmark of terrorism. But when you come after music lovers, you’ve come after my people. Whether we rock out to the same beats or not, there is something I can always connect with in the excitement of anyone and everyone who genuinely loves and cares about music.

And so, after a day when my faith in humanity was once again very sorely tested, I just wanted to share perhaps my nicest discovery of the day, which was accidentally stumbling on a mention – in an online article – of Charlotte Campbell, who has been busking on London’s South Bank, along the bend of the river Thames, since about 2012. I spent some time discovering a few of her songs online, and her warmth, her optimism, and her lovely voice all made an impression on me.

The video linked below – a short interview with Charlotte about her life and her busking – is a couple of years old now, but it looks from her website like she’s still out there, still keeping on and singing her songs. I take it as yet another reminder to put aside the weight of my own aloneness and “ease into the conversation,” be it musical or otherwise. I take it as yet another reminder to “Keep Calm and Busk On” because it can do the world a world of good.

So, Manchester goes on, England goes on, life goes on, and the music goes on, after all.

If any of you are in London and happen to see Charlotte busking, consider dropping a pound or two in her guitar case, and, if you would, thank her personally for me. Her music gave me a bit of hope on a day when I really, really needed it.

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