On Putting Your Thoughts to Sleep


“Put your thoughts to sleep,
do not let them cast a shadow
over the moon of your heart.
Let go of thinking.”

– Rumi

Left unchecked, ruminations are endless, and thought tends to carry on far longer than thinking is really helpful or productive. Often my thinking mind, always and forever convinced it has all the answers, pleads with me to let it ruminate for a while longer, much like a small child who doesn’t want to be put to bed.

Sometimes I let it go and play and see what interesting ideas it will come up with, but often, I’ll admit, it turns out to be nothing more than a trickster who, once given a little leeway – “just a few more minutes, pleeeaaaaase!!” – never actually wants to turn out the lights or go to sleep at all, even when all it wants to do instead is ruminate the same old tired ruminations as yesterday.

-Not good enough.-

-Not happy enough.-

-Not clever enough.-

-Not talented enough.-

-Not ever enough.-

Left to its own devices, my mind will turn and turn its wheels in a ceaseless, crazy turning.

I love my mind, so don’t get me wrong. It and I are old friends, good friends. We’ve been through so much together already, and who knows what adventures are still to come?

So we travel on together, winding our way down the road, but I’ve realized that sometimes it’s best when my mind doesn’t get to drive the car, or choose which songs we’ll listen to on the stereo.

Before the morning can come – before a new day can dawn – sometimes, first, you have to “put your thoughts to sleep.”

Posted in roundabout response to the WordPress Daily Prompt: Ruminate

In addition to the Daily Prompt, the theme of this post was inspired, in part, by a recent entry from RayNotBradbury on Depression: “The invisible agony” + “The terroristic mind”

(The image is from the wonderful Studio Ghibli animated film “The Tale of the Princess Kaguya.”)

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One Response to On Putting Your Thoughts to Sleep

  1. Thank u for mention 🙂 and very “poetical” #stylishhhh 😛✌️💪💪

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