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‘Turning and turning in the widening gyre’: On Truth and Consequences in Blogging

As I dip my toes back into blogging again, I’ve been trying to figure out whether this is actually a place for unabashed honesty and openness, or if it needs to be kept somewhat guarded — with some personal sharing, … Continue reading

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Baby Steps Along the Bodhisattva’s Way

This post follows on one from yesterday, about which a friend asked a couple of follow-up questions that led to a little additional rumination on my part. As far as what our “true nature” is and how exactly we bring … Continue reading

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On Slurs, Sincerity, and ‘the Single Minded Way’

“The Bodhisattva’s way is called ‘the single minded way,’ or ‘one railway track thousands of miles long.’ The railway track is always the same. If it were to become wider or narrower, it would be disastrous. Wherever you go, the … Continue reading

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To Prefer Useful Criticism to Treacherous Praise

Working collaboratively on a project recently, I found myself in the position of submitting some edits, only to learn later that someone over my head had reversed a few of my carefully considered changes. Now, I try never to make … Continue reading

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This was that Earth of which we have heard, made out of Chaos and Old Night

“It is difficult to conceive of a region uninhabited by man. We habitually presume his presence and influence everywhere. And yet we have not seen pure Nature, unless we have seen her thus vast and dread and inhuman, though in … Continue reading

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To Be Like a Cat

“When my teacher was seventy, he said, ‘When I was young I was like a tiger, but now I am like a cat!’ He was very pleased to be like a cat.” – Shunryu Suzuki, “Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind”

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