Today, instead of trying frantically to oversee every detail of my own little realm;
instead of trying to foresee every development and eventuality;
instead of looking out for every potential problem and worrying
whether or not I’ll ever have the vision required to guide me through it all;
instead of spending the better part of today
dwelling on the past, or envisioning a thousand-and-one
imaginary futures as yet un-beheld;
instead of all that desperate seeing and overseeing;

I think I’ll practice, instead, a little inward-glancing oversight –
just for a change of pace, mind you –
watching my worries as they rise and fall,
my hopes and fears as they come and go,
my desires and dreams as they enter and exit the stage of my mind,
coming and going like waves on the ocean,
like clouds in the sky,
like old friends on a visit,
stopping by for tea, or to chat over coffee,
before departing again,
off to impossibly distant – and possibly mythical – lands with names like
Tomorrow Morning, Next Week, or Sometime Soon,
where we shall no doubt meet again,
when time and place shall serve,
to resume our merry dance along the way.

“May I be so converted and see with these eyes?
I cannot tell,” and I am not without my doubts;
and yet, this strange, overgrown, lovely, and untrodden path
beckons me, onward and inward,
to see what lies in the forest beyond.

Posted in response to the WordPress Daily Prompt: Oversight

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